Ready to get down to business?

This may be the best time to be starting a business, if Pittsburgh’s Mayor Raventahl has his way. The Mayor unveiled two new funds today, geared specifically towards the entrepreneur —

The city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority will run the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Fund, which will start with $1 million in federal money and may soon be boosted to $2 million, Mr. Ravenstahl said. Geared toward start-ups in the information technology, life sciences and environmental industries, it will be able to lend against intellectual property, like patents, unlike existing URA business development programs. Read the Post Gazette article

This is such a great program and shows a lot of faith in our city. Now it’s up to us to come up with those irresistable ideas. Ary you up to the challenge? We will keep our eyes open and post updates as soon as we can.