So, where exactly is that money going?

The Mayor’s Office is in the process of developing an interactive web site that will allow city residents to track where federal stimulus monies are being spent in the city. From the website —

With the PittMAPS American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Tracker, Pittsburghers can track the City’s use of federal stimulus/recovery funds provided and authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus). This funding will stimulate the City’s economy by supporting critical initiatives and projects in infrastructure and energy efficiency, and in education by collaborating with Pittsburgh Public Schools, and health care by collaborating with Allegheny County. The Stimulus also includes federal tax cuts, and strengthens unemployment benefits and other social safety net programs to help Pittsburghers in need and sustain critical social services.

This Stimulus Tracker Web site is still under development. It will provide thorough accountability and details on the use of Stimulus funds by the City of Pittsburgh.

There is more information about the development of stimulus tracker on the city website. Also included are several links that might be of interest.