Halloween @ Gooski's



• The Pittsburgh-based Production Procedures Productions is ready to unveil its sixth Halloween compilation, “ElectDEAD,” filled with horror-themed tracks from 29 bands, most of them local. A number of those bands will be playing at the three release shows this weekend. The comp sells for $5. Here is the schedule:

Tonight: The Seeing Eyeballs, The Sexes and Wake at Lava Lounge, South Side, 10 p.m. ($4).

Friday: The Fitt, El Grosso (first show together in two years), Tigerhorsesheeppigcow and The House of Assassins at Gooski’s, Polish Hill, 10 p.m. ($4).

Saturday: The Lobster Quadrille (from Rochester, N.Y.), Becky Corrigan, Weird Paul Rock Band, Midge Cricket and more at Belvedere’s, Lawrenceville, 10 p.m. $4 ($5, free copy of the comp with admission at this show only).