A little more information on the fire, and how to help out

As we posted a couple of days ago, on late Wednesday afternoon a fire broke out in a three-story apartment building at 3639 Bethoven Street, right next to the Bloomfield Bridge.  As reported in the Post-Gazette, it took the firefighters over an hour to put the fire out.  We have confirmed that no one was hurt, although one tenant’s cat perished.  Reports indicate that the fire was due to an improperly extinguished cigarette placed in a container of butts on the porch.  Many of the tenants have lost everything.  If you would like to donate to help these residents, contact the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

Our thoughts go out to the residents who were displaced and suffered losses in this fire.  This sad event should remind us all to be extra-cautious.  The old frame buildings that are a common type in our neighborhood, particularly those with wooden outside porches, are especially vulnerable.  Stay safe this winter, and be careful.