Across the neighborhood, expressions of the holiday spirit


The lights are up around the neighborhood, and the cold and snow makes it feel very Christmas-y.  The spirit of the season is expressed in many ways, from the lights on homes, to the monument tree.  Here is a lovely small nativity scene, in an old storefront on Brereton Street.


And you may have noticed a spot of light on color up on the old billboard frame on a building on Bigelow Boulevard, just inside the Polish Hill border by the Bloomfield Bridge:

Knobil -DSC02653

It’s a dove, by Polish Hill sculptor Tim Kaulen.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best of the season to everyone!

(Photos of the Brereton Street storefront creche by Leslie Clague, photos of the Bigelow billboard dove by Mark Knobil)

3 thoughts on “Across the neighborhood, expressions of the holiday spirit

  1. Thanks for posting the Nativity scene my moms house. Even though she is in heaven I know she loved it!!

  2. Creche also means nativity scene, but we are happy to make the change. Glad you liked the post. This display is lovely and very moving in this humble storefront window. A nice surprise for people walking along Brereton Street. Thank you for putting it there!

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