Always something happening on Brereton St. these days

It must be something in the air, but it seems that every time Staffski comes to the office on Brereton St, there is something going on. Just today, there is activity at four different sites on Brereton St.

First up, the city steps at the top of Brereton. A crew is there today to frame the steps. Concrete should be poured next week. The steps will be broad, but slightly narrower than they were. The crew is going to match the width along the sides of the steps to the exisiting wall.


Directly across the street, 3201 Brereton St. is being torn down.We will keep you posted as this project develops.


3105 Brereton, Currently being renovasted and repaired by Bogdan Construction, is showing a good bit of its interior right now. The dumpster outside is almost full.


Speaking of dumpsters, Jason Perry is on his second load as he works on his two properties.


It’s just so exciting, seeing all of these positive changes happening on Polish Hill.

2 thoughts on “Always something happening on Brereton St. these days

  1. Terry,

    Hi its Nancy Tecza I have not talked to you in a while but just wanted to say Hi and tell you what a wonderful job I think you and your staff are doing and getting information out to the residents of Polish Hill and more importantly how wonderful all the recent publicity Polish Hill has been getting. Kudos to getting us noticed ! I still want you to come and visit my home as discussed I would like to use pictures of my home as inspiration to others when rennovationg on Polish Hill. I am excited for the future of our community and I am hoping that with all the positive publicity Polish Hill will evenutally be the center of prime real estate within the city. Just wanted to say hi and I hope to see you soon. Keep up the good work ! I love the website and I have been getting the word out to others about it as I am finding that a lot of residents still don’t know about this site and how wonderful it is. That will soon change. Take care.

  2. Hello Nancy:

    We really appreciate your kind words. I have high hopes for the future of our neighborhood. We have a lot of residents working hard to keep and improve the special place we have here. I think Catherine would be a great person to photograph and write about remodeling on Polish Hill. I will try to get both of you in touch.

    Take Care

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