Cherry blossoms at West Penn Park, and other signs of spring

The last post on this blog about West Penn showed illegal dumping; this view is more like it:  the cherry trees are blooming down near the field.

Around the neighborhood, the first daffodils and tulips are blooming; we’ve seen crocuses and violets, and there are showers of tiny white petals from the the pear trees along Brereton Street.

For those of you who asked if we found out who the culprit was in the dumping at West Penn: it turned out that at least some of those piles of refuse — the ones in the lower parking lot — were left there temporarily by City crews.  Those piles have now been cleared away.  Lots of other refuse, including bags of trash were left by various other people.  We are working with the City and local environmental groups to discourage this dumping and hope that the people dumping their garbage in our park can be identified and charged.

(West Penn photos by Terry Doloughty, tulips by Leslie Clague for the PHCA)

One thought on “Cherry blossoms at West Penn Park, and other signs of spring

  1. Call the Dept of Agriculture. They’re looking for millions of lost bees. They are on Polish Hill, on the Cherry Blossoms, doing what they do best.

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