Cold weather and your pooch

There are a lot of dog owners here in Polish Hill. With the extreme amounts of snow that we have been experiencing lately, it doesn’t hurt to review some cold weather tips for caring for your dog during this weather. One of the greatest concerns for dog owners is dealing with foot care, especially around chemically treated sidewalks. There’s a great article on the Post Gazette today —

After any winter outing, thoroughly wipe the dog’s feet, legs and stomach to make sure he or she doesn’t lick rock salt or de-icing chemicals, the Humane Society says. There are some “pet-safe” sidewalk de-icers, but others are potentially toxic, and you don’t always know what your dog has stepped in. Read the entire Post Gazette article

Dog booties are available to protect paws, but many dogs do not like to wear them, and baby oil rubbed on and between the pads helps keep pads pliable and eliminate ice build-up when snow and slush cover the ground, streets, and sidewalks. Read the Dog Owner’s Guide article
One tip that is universal is to make sure that your dog’s nails and the hair between its toes are kept trimmed. Ice and snow can accumulate in these sensitive areas and can become quite painful. There is a great checklist published by Dog and Kennel magazine that has tips for everything from proper diet to sleeping conditions during cold weather.
Here’s to a happy and healthy winter. Stay safe and stay warm!