Construction Update

Staffski is amazed at how quickly things are moving, on and off Brereton Street. The old Mostowy Hardware building has a new look, with more planned. This archtect’s drawing was posted in the window well —


Here’s what the new siding looks like —


A little further down the street, Jason Perry has filled yet another dumpster, clearing the debris from the demolition inside his buildings. There is an absolutely lovely fireplace in one of the buildings that Jason hopes to save. No picture yet, but next time hopefull, I’ll get an interior shot —


In further news, the Department of Public Works is in the neighborhood today, working on two projects. The Dobson/Herron staircase has had the railing re-installed and concrete was poured to secureit. Also, the Brereton staircase is being poured right now and should be complete by end of day.


Right across the street, work is continuing on clearing the building that was demolished a couple weeks ago —


So, lots happening in Polish Hill right now. If you know of any other projects around the neighborhood, let us know. Or if you want to brag about a personal project, here’s your chance to do it!