Construction Update


It’s been a couple weeks since Staffski posted a construction update. Our good friend, Brian Seklecki,   sent a couple images into the PHCA email this morning. The above is a dumpster on Pulawski Way. Below, Brian happened by while a contractor was upgrading the electrical system at a property on Dobson St.


It was just the incentive that Staffski needed to pop out with a camera and take a few shots of her own.


Above is 3101 Brereton Street. The Outside staircase has been complete and the front of the building has been painted with the new railing in place. The two storefronts are nearing interior completion. Exciting, isn’t it?


Further down Brereton St, Jason Perry is progressing with the work on his two properties. Another dumpster is in place, ready for that last load of detritus from the interior demolition work. Soon, Jason will begin rebuilding the interiors of his buildings and we’ll ahve a few new apartments to tell you about.

If you have any pictures or stories that you’d like to share about renovations to your or a neighbor’s home, send them to Staffki at Until next time!