Decorating the monument tree, with a little help from DPW


The fir tree at the monument has grown to such a size that volunteers can’t reach the top to decorate.  Last Saturday, the Department of Public Works kindly sent a bucket truck and crew to help out.  They arranged the lights on the upper half of the tree, leaving the more accessible bottom section for neighborhood volunteers.



Lights and decorations were also added to the smaller trees and to the reindeer-on-a-bike sculpture that appeared last week.  Everything was tested and made ready to go for Light Up night.



Volunteers included (left to right):  DPW crew, Terry Doloughty, Alexis Miller,  Janice Heagy, Deb Jozwiak, Jean Kowalecki, and Cathy Woodul.  Brian Seklecki also helped out.  Thanks to everyone for making the monument area so lovely, and to DPW for their help.

 (Photos from Janice Heagy and Terry Doloughty)