Dobson Herron Parklet

A tip of the hat to Kevin Quigley and his Green Up crew, who are doing a bang-up job on the Dobson Herron parklet!


The lot has been cleared. You may have noticed that the back of the parklet has some interesting boulders. Those are from the old Davis Avenue Bridge, re-purposed as a decorative wall.


When Staffski took a stroll down the street to take some pictures, one of the Dobson St. homeowners stopped her to ask if it was true that the parklet would include a giant flat-screened TV. As you can see from the above image, there was a workman from the cable company on the scene at the same time. Well, sir, Staffski spoke with the crew and we will not have cable access at the parklet. However, we will have beautiful flowers, plants and a picnic table for the area!

You know, we really need to come up with a name for this little parklet. It’s going to be so amazing! If you have any suggestions for a nmae, let us know. We are planning a little party for after the parklet is complete and it would be nice to name it.

The parklet is a collaborative effort of the PHCA Beautification Committee, The Polish Hill Green Team, Neighborhood Initiatives and, of course, the Mayor’s Green Up crew.   If you are interested in this program for your neighborhood, you can download an application here. (link opens as a document)

2 thoughts on “Dobson Herron Parklet

  1. I walked by the parklet and, indeed, it looks amazing! My suggestion for the name is: Maly Park, which means “little park” in Polish. It’s a sweet sounding name … and a nod to the neighborhood’s heritage.

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