Downing to Herron Staircase Update

Oh, happy day!

On my way to the Polish Hil Civic Assoc. this morning, I soptted a crew working on the Downing to Herron staircase. There has been some activity lately, as you all may have noticed. A central pillar support was added last week for the missing landing, and the corner supports have been reinforced. The crew that was there today had just finished pouring the landing. They told me that the railing would go back in at the beginning of next week.

The upshot of it is that we should have the Downing to Herron staircase re-opened for use, possibly as early as Tuesday and definitely by Wednesday.

With spring feeling like it is just around the corner, it is difficult to think ahead to next winter. Just keep in mind that the city is thinking about a new winter program that will hopefully be in place for next winter. Staircase stewards would take on, as volunteers, salting the public staircases to keep them passable during winter months. We’ll keep you updated on this, but if you use the staircases, please consider becoming a steward.