Expanded hours for Lili Coffee Shop

Now back to important neighborhood events…like, can the coffee shop be open more hours?  As promised, Rob has just announced that starting this Monday, January 9, Lili Coffee* Shop will be open until 8:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Rob says, “Some things we are planning for the later hours are dinners, music, films & a game night…(think I have convinced Pat Clarke to host a bingo night).  Lets not forget about Project 53’s instrument library in the living room in the back. Would like to hear more music coming from that space…I’m just sayin'”.

They have been working on expanding the food menu as well.  Don’t forget, Lili isn’t just about coffee and sweets, they have hot or cold lunch items like wraps, chili, sandwiches, bagels, and soup.  It’s a little different each day; stop in and check it out!

(Photo by Karen Lillis)