Fish Fry Dinner a success; more, please!

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church had a fish fry dinner in Rosary Hall on Wednesday night, and the event was a big success.  The fryer failed early on in the evening, but hardworking volunteers just pulled out the frying pans and kept going.  The dinner attracted a diverse crowd.  There were members of the parish stopping by after receiving ashes, or before services; also many Polish Hill residents who do not attend services but were interested in supporting the church, getting a good fish sandwich, and visiting.  We also saw many people who had come from outside the neighborhood.  There were long waits to get food but the end result was worth it.  Many people were heard to say that they hoped the church would do it again.

The fish ran out toward the scheduled end of the dinner, and the volunteers had to turn some hungry visitors away.  We also hope they do it again, and here’s another fundraising meal suggestion:  a monthly Polish food dinner.  Considering how popular the church’s Polish food booth is during the festivals, a regular Polish dinner would be a big hit — and a great moneymaking opportunity for the church.