Fixing up before fall — safely, we hope

An unusual number of Polish Hill buildings seem to be sporting scaffolding or ladders lately.  This is a good time to work on building exteriors; the hottest days are past and there is still a month or more before the weather starts to get chilly.  The church is getting some attention — although we don’t envy that guy dangling off the side.

This building at 3117 Dobson is getting some touch-up on the third floor windows.  Long ago, the first floor was a butcher, but it’s all residential now.

This building, at 3206 Dobson Street certainly needed some work, but that scaffolding looks a bit precarious.  Unsecured scaffolding placed on top of stacked cinder blocks on an uneven sidewalk?  Somehow, we don’t think that’s up to OSHA standards.  A number of residents have commented on this situation, and it has been turned in to 311.