Fixing up the neighborhood: the fine art of dumpster packing


Renovation is a messy job that produces lots of debris.  And dumpsters are large and ugly; they take up space, and they seem to sit there too long.

But dumpsters are also a sign that people are investing in the neighborhood.  Vacant properties are being bought and fixed up all over Polish Hill.  It takes a special person to tackle some of these projects:  what Polish Hill has the most of are houses that need patience, money, and months of hard work to bring them back to life.  This process, which can be dirty, unsightly, and occasionally noisy, can try the patience of neighbors.  But a restored house on your block will help raise your property value.  And some of those dusty people are going to be your new neighbors–probably for years to come.

The above photo is a fine example of the art of dumpster packing, as seen on Brereton Street.  It might seem obsessive to spend time carefully organizing debris in a dumpster, stacking wood, rolling carpet, but if you do, the dumpster will hold a great deal more than if you just threw everything in.  And at a several hundred dollars for a dumpster, it’s worth it to take the time–one of those little lessons for those of us who haven’t yet bought our fixer-upper.