Foot traffic report

Traveling in Polish Hill? Watch for pedestrians in unexpected places. The snow has made many of the sidewalks impassable by foot, leaving pedestrians with little choice but to risk walking in the street. Please be especially cautious on the Herron Ave S bend and on the approach to Polish Hill on 28th St. There is no pedestrian access along either street, all of the sidewalks are clogged with snow.

While the city is trying to cope with clearing the streets for those of you that elect to drive, very little has been done for our walking population. The snow is removed from the street and dumped on the sidewalk. While some individuals and businesses attempt to keep at least a foot path free, there are many areas that are not under stewardship. In some places, the snow is banked so high that pedestrians have, at best, a narrow uneven path.

This is especially true around Pittsburgh’s many bridges. The walkways on the 28th St. bridge, connecting Polish Hill to the Strip District, are impassable. However, pedestrians have little choice in routes. A detour by car can take just a few minutes; on foot, that same detour can add an hour to your travel time.

Polish Hill is still without direct bus service. Please refer to the PAT update page before you attempt to catch a bus because the situation is being updated every few hours. You can get buses on Bigelow (77B), Liberty Ave. near the Herron Bridge (86A), the East Busway (EBA and EBO) and Liberty ave and 26th (86B, 91A, etc.). The bus stop at Liberty and 28th is closed.

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  1. Add to that the fact that the mayor has publicly stated that the city will not enforce the ordinance requiring people to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks and it becomes clear that walkers are screwed.

  2. Yes, this is especially crucial on main roads, where the traffic is going at a fairly good clip. Pedestrians have no choice but to tackle the sidewalks. Some corners are completely impassable. – Staffski

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