Getting ready for the real winter weather

Yesterday’s snow was just the beginning; a real winter storm is on the way.  Some of the Polish Hill shoveling team was out last evening, clearing around the monument.  The shoveling team is a loose, informal volunteer effort; residents around the neighborhood who go out on their own and shovel where it’s needed.  The city doesn’t clear public sidewalks or shovel out bus stops; if you have time and energy, please consider pitching in and making Polish Hill safer for pedestrians.   We also encourage all residents to take a few extra minutes while clearing your sidewalk, and shovel or clear steps for an elderly or disabled neighbor.

The PHCA will be contacting the City to ask that in the case of heavy snowfall, the plows not block critical intersections.  After the big 2010 storm, plows clearing the streets left large mounds of snow in many intersections, completely blocking sidewalks and forcing pedestrians into the road.  A number of residents told they had close calls with cars; a couple of people were hit.  If you are aware of particular intersections near to where you live, please contact the PHCA at 412.681.1950 (or email us) to share your thoughts.

A concerned resident on Dobson Street asked us to post about people leaving their cats outside in this frigid weather.  She says,  “My neighbor and myself built a shelter for these poor cats…we also feed them.  I know some are stray and those, when we catch them, we will take to a non-kill shelter.  Problem being, we don’t know which are stray and the cats owned by careless owners, not keeping their cats inside!  There is a big white cat with a couple of grey patches on it’s back, not sure if pregnant or just well fed, a stripped grey kitten with three white paws, and others.  My neighbor adopted his litter mate, a yellow tabby. We need help with people owning cats to please keep them inside, especially in the freezing cold temperatures.”

In the short term, temperatures will warm up early next week, but the longer forecast calls for a brutal February.  Batten the hatches, and keep an eye out for all fellow residents — human or not.

(Above:  Brereton street in snow, 2009.  Photo by Mark Knobil, all rights reserved.)