In the news: a neighborhood artist


Today’s Pittsburgh Tribune has an interview with one of our neighbors, sculptor Isaac Bower.  We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce Isaac and his work to anyone who might not have met him in person yet.

Isaac and his wife Anna have a house on Melwood, and Isaac’s impressive 1.5-story studio is out back.  His recent work combines elements from many cultures and eras, which he casts and combines to create repeating patterns.  These pieces are designed to complement buildings, as interior or exterior ornamentation.

It would be great to see Isaac’s work in the neighborhood.  The pieces above would fit beautifuly in one of the community gardens.  Perhaps we can continue with our public art efforts, begun last year with the Sprout Fund-sponsored installation of Paul Bowden’s sculptures on the side of Tai + Lee Architects at 3106 Brereton, and get more artwork on our streets.

View a gallery of Isaac’s work on Flickr.