Is anyone missing a (mostly) black cat?

A  small-ish black cat (with a few touches of white on its chest and underside, and glowing green eyes) has been hanging around a resident’s porch on Brereton Street since Sunday morning.  We’re not sure if it’s a male or female; if it’s a male, it has been fixed, but it also has a slightly poochy tummy that some female cats get.

It’s not feral; although it has no collar it’s coat is in good shape and fairly clean; it’s extremely affectionate and has been meowing piteously and trying to get inside. Unfortunately, there are already cats in residence here and we can’t bring it in.   We’d like to get this sweet little cat back to it’s home — and maybe find someone to shelter it until it’s owners come forward.  If you’re missing a cat, or know someone who is, please call 412.720.4365, or email

3 thoughts on “Is anyone missing a (mostly) black cat?

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    Connor Sites-Bowen commented on your link.
    Connor wrote: “I seem to remember petting that cat some time over the winter, over on Melwood Ave, about two blocks east of the Rock Room. I hope it finds its home!”

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    Noreen Doloughty commented on your link.
    Noreen wrote: “sounds so much like the kitty I took in a few weeks ago–very sweet, had that same poochy tummy–I’m sure this kitty wants to be in a good home. I hope he/she finds one!”

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