It's over, all's well, thanks to everyone

 Well, the G-20 summit has come and gone, and nothing harmed our neighborhood. The constant helicopters were  kind of annoying, but aside from some police visits, Polish Hill remained quiet.  The PHCA would like to extend a thanks to all our residents, who remained calm during the excitement of the past few days.

We would also like to thank The Pittsburgh Medical Project, an collaborative endeavor of street medics and alternative health clinicians from all over the nation, the Eastern Seeds of Peace Collective, and Lentil Soup, a mental health advocacy organization.  These young people came to town to help people injured in the course of the protests.  They assisted protesters as well as numberous Pittsburgh residents who were watching the protests..  The medics worked out of the Falcons building, the site of the former Emma Kaufmann Clinic.  It was nice to see the building serving as a clinic again, even if just for a short while.  The medics were impressed with Polish Hill and the reception they got from people here.