Kitten update: can you help out?

The nine orphaned kittens are doing well, playing and gaining weight.  And eating as much as they can, and mewing for food when they’re not eating.  Unfortunately, they also have fleas, and they need a lot of care.  Elizabeth Bashur of Little House, Big Art is fostering them, but she says she could really use some help.

Even if you’re not able to adopt kittens, you can still help out.  Elizabeth is running ragged, feeding nine kittens every three hours, keeping them clean, and making sure each kitten gets some love and attention each day.  You can stop in at Little House, Big Art to visit the kittens and help feed and care for them.

Or help spread the word, so that we can find loving homes for them.  Or you could chip in for a vet visit and Kitten Milk.   Elizabeth has set up a page on the Little House, Big Art with photos and a link to donate.

This is the littlest one.