Third update on the orphaned kittens: homes for all!

In May we posted about a litter of orphaned kittens that was found behind a restaurant, and then wrote about Elizabeth Bashur, who stepped up to foster the kittens and find homes for them.  The reaction was amazing.  Some generous folks helped chip in so Elizabeth could pay for vet care and kitten formula.  Many others stopped by Little House, Big Art to visit the kittens.

We’re happy to report that Elizabeth was able to find homes for all nine kittens.  Four of the kittens (pictured here with their new people) will stay in or near Polish Hill.  Elizabeth kept one (she couldn’t resist his polka-dot tummy), and now she’s on the road with the other kittens, delivering them to their new homes.

Thanks to everyone who donated, visited, helped feed, wash, and pet the kittens.  And many thanks to Elizabeth, who gave up a big chunk of her life for two months to make sure that they got a chance to have a good life.

(Photos by Elizabeth Bashur)