Lightweight filming in Polish Hill

Lightweight, the short screenplay by Randy Kovitz and Deborah Hosking, was a finalist in the Steeltown Film Factory screenwriting competition. The film is being produced and will be shot here in Polish Hill.

The Lawrenceville couple and their script made it through three rounds of readings, pitches and presentations in the Steeltown competition. The script had struck a chord with many readers and followers and in the weeks following the competition, friends, actors and fellow filmmakers rallied to make the project possible.

Polish Hillarian Mark Knobil and Adrienne Wehr bring their vast, award-winning experience and enthusiasm to Lightweight as Producer and Director of Photography. The pair have worked as a team before, on the award-winning Pittsburgh indie favorite THE BREAD, MY SWEET and on numerous MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD episodes.

You can keep up with news about the film on the Lighweight blog. A site about the film along with details about the actors and principals involved in the production is under construction.

Locations in Polish Hill include a house on Paulowna and Lili Coffee*Shop. The crew will be filming from July 10 – 19.

Locations in Polish Hill include the Rock Room

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  1. The film is also shooting at the Rock Room. Thanks to all the great Polish Hill businesses and neighbors for supporting this effort!

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