UPDATE: Neighborhood preparedness meeting rescheduled for Wednesday July 25

The PHCA didn’t organize this meeting, but we believe this topic is well worth discussing.  “What if the power goes out for a week or more?” ask Etta and Lizzie, the two Polish Hill residents who brainstormed this meeting; “Join us for creative problem solving.  The intention of this meeting is to get to know one another and support one another in time of need”.  The meeting takes place at the mister fountain in West Penn Park (at the corner of Brereton and 30th streets).  The event is also a potluck; bring a chair and your own cup and silverware, and, if you like, something to eat or drink.  For more information, contact rofflfacilitators@gmail.com.

UPDATE, JULY 18:  Lizzie just sent out an email and said  “due to the fabulous storm we had today and a possible repeat of that in the near future, we are moving the preparedness meeting to next Wednesday, July 25th. Still 6:30-8:30, still at the park by the mister.  And still bring food, please!”