Polish Hill photo exhibit at Carnegie Library in Oakland

Late in December, we got an invitation to show selected items from our small-but-growing Polish Hill photo archive at the small gallery at the main Carnegie Library in Oakland.  The time frame was short but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity!  We picked a few of our favorite photos, printed and mounted them.  The show just went up and it will run until the end of January.

To visit the gallery at the Carnegie Library, enter though the main doors and go left down the hall; the gallery is the last door on the right.

We are always looking for more images!  If you or anyone you know has old photos of Polish Hill people and places, we would love to add them to the archive.  We aren’t asking to keep your original family photos–the archive is mostly digital.  We scan your photos and return them to you.  Or, if you have them already digitized, send them in with information about the subject.

(photo, Ellen Mitchell Doloughty and baby, Paulowna Street, with the domes of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in the background, 1950’s)