Pop City likes new businesses in Polish Hill!

One of Polish Hill’s flock of new businesses, Urban Gypsy, was featured in the most issue of Pop City, the Pittsburgh online magazine.  This was the second time in two weeks the Pop City has profiled new business in our neighborhood.  Above:  Paulette Still-Khouri, owner of Urban Gypsy with her husband Najeeb and son Elias, with PHCA president Terry Doloughty at last year’s art festival.

Just last week,  Pop City wrote about the three businesses opening up soon at the corner of Dobson and Hancock: Lili Coffee Shop, Mind Cure Records, and Copacetic Comics.  Above, Mike Seamans, owner of Mind Cure Records; Rob Levkulich, owner of Lili Coffee Shop; and Bill Boichel, owner of Copacetic Comics.

Three of these four new businesses are owned by Polish Hill residents.  That’s no accident.  As Paulette Still-Khouri, owner of Urban Gypsy, says:  “I wanted to invest in my own community”.  That’s the spirit that will help this community grow.