Ridgeway fire

On Monday night, a two-alarm fire broke out on Ridgeway Street. Located above Bigelow Blvd., Ridgeway is one of the borders of the Polish Hill neighborhood. No one was hurt in the fire, but a fire fighter did rescue the homeowner’s cat.

The home collapsed in the fire last night. Several residents from Ridgeway were evacuated using Port Authority buses. Hopefully, everyone that has been displaced will be returning to their own homes soon.

The American Red Cross has a checklist to assist those experiencing the loss of their home in a fire or other disaster. The list covers what to do immediately after through suggestions about recovering vital documentation.You can reach the Allegeny County Chapter of the Red Cross at 412-263-3100. The local Chapter Headquarters is located at 225 Boulevard of the Allies in downtown Pittsburgh.In addition to preparedness plans, the local chapter also has a schedule of classes that cover home and workplace training, CPR and a host of other subjects.

There are a host of other service agencies to assist people displaced by large- or small- scale disasters. The American Red Cross keeps an up-to-date list of agencies that provide temporary housing and can assist in replacing clothing and other household essentials. You can also contact your friendly neighborhood association, like the Polish Hill Civic Association. Seriously. We’d be happy to assist.