Seeking volunteers to help decorate the monument tree

This winter was hard on the poor tree at the monument; the top snapped off from the weight of snow, and vandals climbed up inside the tree and snapped off branches.  But efforts are still being made to make it look presentable for the summer season.

On Sunday May 16 at 1 pm, the monument committee will assemble to remove the Christmas lights and decorations from the tree at the monument at Brereton and Dobson Streets.  The committee will then put up red, white and blue lights and decorations for Memorial Day.

Working on the tree is a bit tricky because the terrain at that spot is steep and uneven.  Scaffolding, ladders, and lots of nerve are necessary to get to the top of the tree.  The monument committee chairman, Mrs. Ruth Rizner, says that the committee is looking for people to help out.  If you are good at taking directions and would like to help,  let us know!