Seen around the neighborhood: Mother's Bread advertisement

Most Polish Hill residents have probably seen this by now, so this one’s for folks outside the neighborhood, as well as fans of ghost signs (the faded signs painted on the sides of buildings).


After a fire in March of 2008, two buildings in the 3200 block of Dobson Street had to be razed.  And in that process, an advertising blast from the past,in beautiful condition, was revealed.  Most ghost signs are faded and hard to read; this one’s still quite fresh.  Almost makes you wish we could keep it, as a token as old-time Polish Hill.  There are no current plans (that we know of) to build on those lots…so stop by and take a look!

2 thoughts on “Seen around the neighborhood: Mother's Bread advertisement

  1. I have the antique tin sign that says mother’s bread. I was wondering if you had some information on this tin. It is approximately 24″ by 8″.


  2. Judy,
    No, sorry…I don’t know anything about collectibles for Mothers Bread, I just liked the sign. Perhaps there is an antiques site for advertising collectibles where you could inquire.


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