Two more lost cats (but we only have a photo of one of them)

We’ve got two more reports from residents who have found lost cats.  A young cat found on Dobson Street (pictured above) had a too-tight green flea collar, but no tags.  The finder is not sure if it’s male or female.  If you recognize this cat, call Judy at 412-621-5839 or email

We haven’t received a photo of the cat that turned up on Melwood Street, but it was described as black and white, young and playful.  This one also had no tags, gender unknown.  If you’ve lost a cat around the Melwood area, email

As both these cats are black and white, we briefly wondered if they’re the same cat.  We hope not, since that would mean it was crossing Herron Avenue, which has far too many cars whizzing by to be safe for cats.

We won’t take a stand in the debate about whether all cats should be indoor cats But we will make a plea:  if you choose to let your cat be an outdoor cat (or if your cat is the sort that tries to escape), please put a collar with i.d tags on them.  And consider getting a microchip, which will allow identification.