Urban Gypsy opens today!

Today is the day! Urban Gypsy opened its doors at noon, and there were already customers waiting to see the lovely baubles that are being offered. The small shop has some of the prettiest baubles, just ready for your home or closet. Tucked into all of the corners are bouquets of flowers, beautiful lighting fixtures and original artwork created by local artists.

Paulette Still-Khouri, the proprietor of this fine emporium, has searched for months to find appealing and unusual items. Top of Staffski’s list is this lovely necklace —

Isn’t that just the most frothy piece of delight? Staffski wasn’t alone in her admiration of Urban Gypsy’s delightful baubles. The store had several visitors in its first opening hours —

There is more, much more, to delight your sense of beauty and fun. And your senses! Ms. Still-Khouri is also stocking a selection of florals. She is available to create masterful centerpieces for your events. For all of you gardeners, Urban Gypsy is also interested in purchasing some of her decorative plants locally. She is looking for unusual, decorative branches and also mentioned peppers and crab apples that could be incorporated into her floral designs. Please contact Ms. Still-Khouri for details about this.

Staffski did take several photos until she had to tear herself away from the store and post this to BLOGSKI’s readers. Please be sure to watch the slideshow.

Urban Gypsy
SA: 12-4PM
SU: 12-3PM
3101 Brereton St.
Pittsburgh PA 15219

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