Walkabout to the gardens

Staffski thought that today was a lovely day step out in Polish Hill and visit some of the lovely gardens in the neighborhood. She ran into one of her favorite urban farmers, Susan Atkinson on her way to the Wiggins Garden. Here’s Susan with one of her sunflowers —

The Wiggins Garden is a community garden, with plots for neighborhood residents. It has been managed by its founder, Terry Doloughty, for thirty years. The garden is quite extensive, as you can see below. Additional pictures of the Wiggins Garden are included in the slide show.

Staffski stepped down to Harmar to see what some of the neighbors are doing. Aggie’s house is situated at the edge of a valley, but still she manages to plant some bright flowers alongside of her house. One resident has a great container garden in front of his home, complete with a grapevine. (See slide show) The Harmar Garden, another community gardening space, is looking quite filled up.

The Penny Garden looks particularly tasty, with all of those lovely raspberries. The butterflies thought so, too. Staffski has no pretensions as a filmmaker, but wanted to share the butterflies she saw in the Penny Garden today —

The corner lot at Dobson and Downing had lovely Tiger Lilies, and Maly Park looks just wonderful, too. Please enjoy the slide show, with more pictures of all of Polish Hill’s urban gardens.

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