Looking for something special for the holidays?


Yes, Virginia, there is an ultimate holiday shopping guide for the Strip.  Click on the links below for the sections that interest you or go to www.neighborsinthestrip.com for the entire guide. Following these very inclusive guides you’ll be able to finish your shopping lickety split.  And, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shop, you’ll drink, you’ll want to bake cookies and you’ll have the best holiday presents EVER!  Yes, the guides are long, but, geez they do offer great ideas from nearly every store in the Strip!

Top 5 Reasons to Shop in the Strip
Yum’s guide to Holiday Dining & Entertaining
Steel Magnolia’s Guide to Shoppin’ Til Y’all DropChum’s Guide to A Festival of Holiday Food
Fluff’s Guide to Gifting Outside the Box
Sib’s Guide to a Purely Pittsburgh Holiday
Who Are Yum, Steel Magnolia, Chum, Fluff and Sib?  to find out.
So grab your spouse, significant other or friend and if they poop out during your shopping extravaganza – prop them up with a Guinness in one of the Strip’s fine houses of refreshment and start stacking your bags by their bar stool.


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!