Next G-20 Summit to be held in Pittsburgh

President Barack Obama will host the next Group of 20 economic summit Sept. 24-25 in Pittsburgh. Since so many of the G-20’s leaders were going to be in New York for a UN meeting, it seemed appropriate to hold the meeting in the United States. Pittsburgh looks pretty good to everyone that is suffering from the economic calamity.

Pittsburgh is seen as a shining example of how a one-time depressed US industrial city has managed to successfully regenerate itself.

Winning the swing state of Pennsylvania was also a key victory in Barack Obama’s presidential election success.

Most commentators had previously expected the US to announce that the next G20 meeting would be held in New York. from the BBC News. Read the article

Also, in Fox News —

Pittsburgh was chosen as the site because, “it’s an area that has seen its share of economic woes in the past, but because of foresight and investment is now renewed, giving birth to renewed industries that are creating the jobs of the future,” Gibbs said. “And I think the president believes it’d be a good place to highlight some of that stuff.” Read the article

So, what are you doing on Sept 24?