Onorato, Ravenstahl Tour Bayer Labs Developing Green Innovations

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today toured laboratories and testing areas at Bayer Material Science where new sustainable and green innovations are being developed.

“Bayer Corporation exemplifies our region’s remarkable economic transformation, which led President Obama to select Pittsburgh to host the G-20 Summit in September,” said Onorato. “Bayer is also on the leading edge in developing a wide range of sustainable innovations, which is helping to solidify our region’s leadership in green technology.”

“Bayer is the perfect example that Pittsburgh has not only become a leader in green-collar jobs, thanks to the efforts of our trade unions and manufacturing companies, but also is leading the way in the development of the sustainable technologies of tomorrow,” said Ravenstahl. “This comprehensive approach is allowing us to develop a clean energy economy, which is able to
evolve and adapt over time.”

Dr. Bob Kumpf, Chief Administrative Officer at Bayer MaterialScience , showcased the company’s developments in carbon nanotubes, polyurethane foams, and LED lighting applications. Dr. Kumpf also discussed a new $750,000 grant awarded to Bayer MaterialScience by the U.S. Department of Energy for carbon nanotube reinforced polyurethane composites for wind turbine blades. The United States is the fastest-growing wind power market in the world.

“Bayer MaterialScience is committed to developing sustainable products and applications that address many of the world’s most urgent problems,” said Kumpf. “That is why our scientists and engineers here in Pittsburgh are creating innovations that make life more sustainable, safer and more comfortable and at the same time take even greater account of the need to protect the

Bayer Corporation also announced it would “Welcome the World” to our region by displaying a Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership welcome sign at its prominent location along the Parkway West. Other companies located in the airport corridor that are interested in joining the welcome effort should contact the Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership.