Wanna go to school?

Community College of Allegheny County has begun offering free, yes FREE, classes —

College and county officials will announce today that free tuition and fees will be granted to unemployed Allegheny County residents who present a letter from their employers verifying that their loss of work was due to company layoffs and not the employees’ choice or fault. Read the Tribune Review article

The response to this new program has been overwhelming, even before the program officially opened, CCAC was getting calls from Allegheny County residents —

Officials said they hope those calls are a sign the public will take advantage of the initiative to help the region weather the worsening recession. A phone number — 412-788-7351 — has been set up for county residents seeking to enroll in one of five credit and certificate programs offered beginning in March. Read the Post Gazette article

CCAC will be focusing this offer on five specific programs offered by the school. According to their press release —

Five programs will participate in the tuition waiver this spring, with special courses opening at a later start date in March and continuing through May. Credit programs include Information Technology Support at Boyce campus, Basic Electronics at North campus and Phlebotomy at South campus. Read the CCAC Press Release

This is a wonderful opportunity for those whose lives have suffered a negative and catastrophic impact from the recent economic downturn. This is a unique program that goes a long way towards repairing our most vital regional asset; our residents. CCAC is to be congratulated for their forethought and generosity.