August 2009 Polish Hill Voice is available!

The PHCA is pleased to announce the release of the August 2009 Polish Hill Voice. As you know, 2009 marks PHCA’s 40th Anniversary. In order to mark this milestone, The Voice has been extended to sixteen pages and is in full color. The Voice is available at the PHCA office and can be downloaded as a pdf. We hope that you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed publishing it. Following is an excerpt from the August 2009 edition.

Resident’s Message

This summer has brought Polish Hill new residents, and new volunteers for the PHCA . We would like to welcome our new residents and hope that they choose to call Polish Hill their home for many years to come. Seeing new residents moving in should make all of our residents a little proud. Of all the places in Pittsburgh that they could have chosen to live, Polish Hill is their choice. Just like the grandparents or great-grandparents of some of our residents, we have new families, settlers and immigrants from a new era, calling Polish Hill home. Dumpsters and scaffolding abound in the neighborhood this summer. These are good signs that Polish Hill residents are improving their existing homes and renovating older properties to become new examples of what is possible in our neighborhood.

The successful return of Alfred’s Deli and Tai+Lee Architects to Polish Hill heralds the rejuvenation of our business district. Work is continuing on the Jubilee Kitchen building, which will house Urban Gypsy, a unique consignment and art store. A coffee shop and record store are in the works for the corner of Dobson and Hancock. The former Mostowy’s Hardware building is currently under renovation. The owner is willing to remodel to suit; want to bring a business to Polish Hill?

In these challenging economic times, we can be grateful for so much new growth in our neighborhood. Because of the size of our community, everyone on Polish Hill can be a neighbor. All of our residents have so much to offer; take a moment to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. I must admit, I know as many dogs as people from just stopping to say hello. We all have something we can learn from each other; life experiences we can share for everyone’s

We have been fortunate to have one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, a few burglaries and an armed robbery resulted in a higher crime rate in recent months. Although shaken by these incidents, thankfully, no residents were harmed. We want our neighborhood to remain one of the safest places to live. If you notice something that looks suspicious please take the time to call 911.

The homeowners and tenants of Polish Hill have worked hard for what they have. I would ask all of our residents to continue the tradition of being good neighbors to one another. Our residents come from all walks of life; we all might look a little different from each other but we all hold Polish Hill dear. This diversity is what makes Polish Hill a thriving

I have had the opportunity to work with so many of our residents on volunteer projects. In the moments when I see our new and existing residents meet one another, talk, and share their neighborhood experiences, I have to stop for a moment and take it in. I find myself saying, “This is why I live here”. So Polish Hill residents, I say to one and all, no matter how the faces of Polish hill change or how the homes and businesses are renovated remember, our little village is a great place to live. Polish Hill – not just a place, it’s a state of mind.

Terry Doloughty
Polish Hill Civic Association