December newsletter from the Mayor's office

Dear Neighbors,

As the days become shorter and the temperatures continue to drop, it is clear that winter is fast approaching.  There are many joys that come along with the winter season – the holidays and the excitement of the first snow – yet winter can also be one of the most difficult times for many Pittsburgh residents. It is a time when our City’s culture of neighbors-helping-neighbors is most important to assist residents to overcome its hardships and enjoy the best that winter in our City has to offer.

Snow removal can be one of the most challenging aspects of winter and snow covered sidewalks can be hazardous for everyone. With Snow Angels, I aim to make snow removal less daunting for our elderly and physically-disabled residents. Along with fostering stronger community relationships, and relieving the elderly of the stress that comes from a snow storm, the Snow Angels initiative will also make our sidewalks safer for those who continue to serve despite the winter weather – such as postal service workers, firemen and police officers.

With this in mind, I am proud to announce a new program, Snow Angels, which will match willing volunteers with neighbors-in-need to shovel and de-ice their walks this winter season.  The Snow Angels program will be launching this November. For applications to volunteer or receive assistance, please visit

Snow Angels is one of my signature servePGH programs, which promote citizen service to impact local challenges. For more information, email or call the 311 hotline and ask about the program. If you are calling from outside the City of Pittsburgh, please call 412-255-2621.

Thank you to the countless Snow Angels who already assist their neighbors with snow removal. I appreciate the precedent that you have set for local residents, and I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to join a Pittsburgh-wide effort to keep our sidewalks clear after winter storms and provide your neighbors with the reassurance that their community cares.

Together, we can make this winter an enjoyable season for everyone!

Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor, City of Pittsburgh