And the Clean Pittsburgh BOB award for Neighborhood of the Year goes to … Polish Hill!

On Thursday evening, the PHCA Green team was presented with the  Clean Pittsburgh Commission’s Bob Award for Neighborhood of the Year.  Present to accept were PHCA President Alexis Miller, Vice President Myra Falisz, Secretary and Green Team leader Valerie Testa, and board member Josiah Parkinson.

The CPC’s mission is to work to improve the environmental quality of life of Pittsburgh residents through litter and illegal dumping prevention, clean-up and enforcement.

The CPC is comprised of 15 representatives from various City departments, local non-profits, individuals and community groups. The activities of the CPC are focused in three primary areas: 1) monitoring/awareness/prevention, 2) clean-up, and 3) enforcement. The primary function of the CPC is to provide oversight, direction, leadership, resources and assistance to community groups and individuals while serving as the liaison between these groups and the appropriate City departments.

The Bob Awards honored the 150 Clean Pittsburgh Stewards who represent the city’s 90 neighborhoods.  The Bob Awards are named for the late Mayor Bob O’Connor, who put achieving a less-littered city high on his administration’s priorities. His wife, Judy, and son, Councilman Corey O’Connor, were on hand to present the awards.

Congratulations to the PHCA Green Team, and to all the many volunteers whose hard work helped make this award possible.