Donate your unwanted items to the PHCA yard sale

Once again the PHCA has accumulated a lot of STUFF.  Sometimes people give us useful things because they know we can find those items a new home.  And sometimes we just come across stuff, like on trash night, and then realize it’s all too much.

On Saturday August 28th, the PHCA will hold a yard sale fundraiser.  We’ll be selling off the interesting things we’ve accumulated to raise money for our other projects.  The sale will take place in front of the PHCA office at 3060 Brereton Street.  If you have unwanted, useful items, but not enough to bother having your own yard sale, please consider donating them to us.

We don’t have room at the PHCA to provide space for others to sell things, but looking ahead, we’re working on getting a permit to have another Polish Hill flea market at West Penn Park in late September.  Tables will be $10.  The flea market last year was a great community event, and lots of us got to take home new/old things to replace the stuff we’d just sold.  If you are interested in reserving a table at the September flea market and want to be notified when that event is confirmed, please email or call 412.681.1950 and we’ll put your name down.