First call: order your pączki!

As a nod to the heritage of the neighborhood, each year the PHCA sells pączki (“poonch-key”), a Polish treat similar to a filled donut.  Pączki are traditionally eaten the weekend or Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which falls on February 13 this year.

We are offering the very popular extra-large, softball-sized pączki from Oakmont Bakery in four varieties:  Custard, Cherry, Prune, or Plain (no filling).  The cost is $18 for a dozen, or $9 for a half-dozen.  Yes, that’s more than last year — Oakmont  raised their prices, and we had no choice but to follow suit.

Also available is a mixed dozen containing three each of the above varieties.  Half-dozen boxes must be all of one flavor. We regret that due to food safety regulation we can’t do customized mixes.

To order, stop at the PHCA office to pick up an order form, or call in your order and mail us a check.  Orders and payments must be received at the PHCA office by Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

Pączki orders will be available for pick up at the PHCA office on Saturday February 9, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and Sunday February 10, between 11 a.m.  and 2 p.m.  All orders are for pick up only — no mail order or delivery service.