PHCA yard sale a sucess, many thanks to our stalwart volunteers

The PHCA fundraising yard sale on Saturday was a big success, netting close to $1,000 –and as we didn’t have much furniture or larger things, that impressive total was from many, many sales of small items, mostly under $2.  We were so busy that we didn’t get any photos from the sale itself — but that evening, as we were breaking down, there was one of those amazing sunsets.

So we bring you a lovely sunset, and send out thanks to all the volunteers who helped set up the tents, carry and put out all the items, and stayed while the sale was going on, and in some cases, actually helped people get their purchases home.   Some of the same volunteers, and some new ones, then helped to pack up the unsold items (to be donated to Goodwill), take down the tents, and help clean up.   Our gratitude goes out to Dan Horn, Christina Worsing, Judy Cain, Josiah Parkinson, Doug Ramsey, Terry Doloughty, Myra Falisz, Josie Ramsey, and Valerie Testa.  We’d also like to thank everyone who donated items to the sale.  Isn’t it great to have more space?  Let’s do it all again next spring!

(Lovely sunset photo by Myra Falisz)