Rebuilding Day in Polish Hill

Polish Hill saw a lot of visitors on April 26, When Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh brought volunteers to the homes of four Polish Hill residents for some repair and refurbishing work. Dwight White was one of the volunteers that worked on Sharon W’s house on Wiggins.


David Lyle took a few moments out of his duties as House Captain at the project on Harmar to talk to us about the project —

Our godd friend Brian Seklecki at Pittsburgh Greenhouse has posted some great images from the kick-off in the Hill District. And Diana Nelson Jones has a nice article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, quoting PHCA’s President, Terry Doloughty. Go check it out.

We took lots of pictures ourselves. The PHCA office was open and ready for the many visitors yesterday and a team of volunteers, including Josie Ramsey and Jim Stawski were working on planting projects during the day in several Polish Hill locations. Special thanks to Colleen Helwich, who was on hand at the PHCA office to assist visitors.