Reminder: Get those ballots in!


Last month the PHCA mailed out board member ballots to all current regular members (that is, those members who live in Polish Hill and were paid up on dues at the time of the mailing).

We urge you to participate!  Please give some serious thought to whom to nominate.  Being a board member is a commitment–much more than just attending a board meeting once a month.  Board members are expected to be actively engaged in projects, whether tree planting efforts, or housing issues, or events.  It’s easy to find people who can identify problems or have ideas about what work the PHCA should do.  We need people who will actually show up and help do the work, come up with solutions, and be actively involved.

There are three board positions to fill, and a few requirements for nominees.  They must have been a paid-up regular member ( that is, one who lives in the neighborhood) of the PHCA for at least a year.  They must have attended at least four of the monthly membership meetings.

If you are not sure if the person you are nominating is a PHCA member, please check with us.  You can call 412.681.1950 during office hours (Tue-Sat, 9:30-6) or email  We will also bring the current membership rolls to the membership meeting on Tuesday October 6th (in the senior center, lower level of West Penn Rec Center).

The strength of this organization lies with its volunteers.  Please help us fine some wise, hardworking people to move the PHCA forward!