Summer 2008 Polish Hill Voice released!

Fresh copies of PHCA’s Voice are available! Lots of information that you can use, stories about the Polish Hill neighborhood and other fun stuff. You can download a pdf version or drop by the PHCA office at 3060 Brereton Street to pick up a copy. Don’t forget, PHCA membership entitles you to receive a copy at your home, no matter where you live! Back issues of the Voice are available here. The following article is excerpted from the Summer 2008 Polish Hill Voice. If you are interested in submitting a story for the next issue of the Voice, due out in November, contact us at the PHCA office at phcapgh(at)



Paul Pagoda riding his skateboard on the ledge.

Skate Park Keeps Rolling Right Along

Ten years ago, plans were started by a local teen, Billy “Tyke” Sciulli, to create a skate park in Polish Hill. Today, the skate park continues to be a unique part of the neighborhood and has received a recent face lift, thanks to avid skaters with a “do it yourself” attitude.

When Polish Hill resident Paul Pagoda moved to Pittsburgh from California, the skate park in West Penn Park was the first skate park that he visited in the city. He noticed that the park was somewhat undeveloped, and he wished to improve it. “I just thought that it could use some obstacle to make the park more enjoyable,” explains the experienced skater.

In order to raise funds to make improvements, Paul organized a rock concert in December of 2006 at Gooski’s, which raised $300. In June 2007, Paul began building a new ledge, meant to be grinded and slid on by skateboarders. It also functions as a bench.

By the end of the summer; however, it was in disrepair. With the remaining money from the fundraiser, Paul brought in a welder in May 2008 to rebuild the ledge and make it safer.

Since this installation, Paul noticed that another skater installed a pole jam right near the ledge that Paul built. He hopes that his construction has inspired other skaters to help improve the skate park too.