The Polish Hill Voice

The February 2010 edition of the Polish Hill Voice is hot off the presses. Lots of great articles from our friends and neighbors on Polish Hill about the doings and happenings in Polish Hill. You can find some great information about recycling, staying fit and some tidbits about Polish Hill history. Below is the President’s Message from PHCA’s own Terry Doloughty.

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President’s Message

2010 has arrived and Polish Hill continues to thrive. In the midst of winter, we have the opportunity for more photos of views that we can’t enjoy in the summer. With the arrival of the New Year comes the chance to dust off our dreams and set our project lists in motion. What have you been waiting to start? What do you want to see happen in your garden, on your street, or in your neighborhood? These are the questions best mulled over a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate in this season.

While we wait for the thaw of spring, many of us still need to walk the icy sidewalks and stairs of Polish Hill on our way to work or school. This year, Polish Hill is the location of a City pilot program called Stair Stewards. City crews have placed salt boxes at the two most-used staircases, Downing-to-Herron and Dobson-to-Herron. If the program is considered a success, next year we hope to get salt boxes for other frequently used city steps, including Harding-Bigelow and the Apollo steps between Melwood and Bethoven. The stair steward program is a sensible idea that helps keep our neighborhood pedestrian-friendly. We hope that it will inspire similar programs in other neighborhoods.

And when you’re out in the cold shoveling and sweeping, take a moment to check the sidewalks of those less able to clear them. Shovel or sweep a few more feet; it will help your friends and family to get home more easily. And many thanks to the residents who take it a step further and shovel some of the sidewalks in front of the vacant or abandoned buildings. Your efforts are appreciated by all the pedestrians of Polish Hill.

In PHCA news, a few of our board members have completed their terms. Maurice Davis, Mike Duray, and Jim Stawski have all served Polish Hill, and we want to extend out thanks for their efforts. We are grateful for their time of service. And we extend a warm welcome to our incoming board members,
Janice Heagy, Josie Ramsey, and Rose Hudson. The members of our board of directors bring their unique abilities to the PHCA, and we look forward to working with them.

Although it’s cold, we already have green things on our minds. There’s the new community garden on
Harmar Street, the continued greening of Maly Park, neighborhood clean-up efforts, and our own back yards. As seed and plant catalogs arrive in the mailbox, as you’re looking through the garden websites, now is the time to start planning. Consider sharing or trading some plants with your neighbors. You would be amazed at some of the heirloom treasures that may be growing in the next yard, or just around the corner.

And there are more than just plants and seeds to share. We have the benefit here of an older generation that knows how to can food, make pierogies or paczkis, or fix things. Lifetime residents know what grows best in different spots in the neighborhood, or where the wild blackberry bushes are. It is our hope that all the generations, longtime residents and new arrivals, can share their knowledge and abilities. We have a lot to offer one another. We live in this place together. As we enter a new year, it is my wish above all others to keep this Polish Hill tradition alive, neighbor helping neighbor.

Terry Doloughty
PHCA president