Voice Winter 2008

The latest edition of the Polish Hill Voice has been released! If you are a member, than you may already have this in your mailbox. Following is an excerpt from the Winter 2008 Voice, written by one of PHCA’s members –


Be Lazy, Save Money, Be Green

By Josie Ramsey

Being green does not mean having to spend a lot of money. But today being green can also mean being lazy.

This is because the new compact fluorescent light bulbs last for up to nine years. These bulbs make a good choice for people that have a hard-to-reach light bulb that burns out quickly: the life of a bulb is based on three hours of use a day, so if you have a light that is used more, its life expectancy will decrease. However, these compact fluorescent bulbs will still out-live regular light bulbs.

Today these light bulbs are available everywhere at decent prices — from dollar stores to hardware stores. By replacing these bulbs, the manufacturer claims you can save about $124.00 per lamp. Just imagine how much money can be saved by the average house having at least two light bulbs in each room and an average of eight rooms — that’s $1,084! Take a very easy step to be green by replacing burned out light bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs.

Help Save the Environment

An easy way for anyone that goes to the supermarket to save the environment and money is to reuse shopping bags or to use the reusable shopping bags. By taking shopping bags with you to the store, many stores will give you a $.05 discount. It’s easy to do, just keep some in the trunk of your car so they are readily available when you go shopping.

Other uses for the plastic shopping bag:

* Doggy litter pick-up
* Trash bag for the car
* Emergency plastic glove
* Picking-up trash in front of your home
* Protection for your car’s side mirror

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