What is Paczki Day?

Paczki (punch-key) Day is the feast of plenty before the Lenten fast begins. It is the last day of gaiety in Karnawal time, the period between Christmas and Lent. This is the time for sleigh parties called Kulig. To mark the last moments of excess before the austerity of Lenten sacrifice, Polish Roman Catholics celebrate Paczki Day

So, you want some Paczki
PHCA is accepting orders for this seasonal delicacy. Custard, Raspberry, Plain and Raisin varieties will be available by the dozen or select a variety dozen of three each. Use this handy order form to order Paczki for your Karnawal celebration! You can drop off or mail your order, with payment, to –

Polish Hill Civic Association
Paczki Day
3060 Brereton Street
Pittsburgh PA 15219


Please send us your orders by Friday, February 5.
Orders will be available for pick up on February 13 and 14, between 10AM and 3PM